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The Wickers Group is a full-service political consulting firm specializing in strategic communication, survey and focus group research, and media production and placement. Our clients include presidential and statewide candidates, initiatives and referenda, as well as non-profit, corporate and trade organizations.

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Our Strength: Message

At The Wickers Group, we know proper message development is the foundation of any winning campaign. Our decades of experience, partnered with our leading quantitative research capabilities and data analytics, ensure our campaigns are consistently on-target with every aspect of their communication. Our familiarity with the evolving nature of campaigns and our hands-on attention allow us to respond and adapt to the unexpected, all while staying true to the winning message.

We know every candidate and campaign is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, which is why we work so closely with all of our clients. We get to know them and the issues most important to them; to help craft a memorable message voters take with them to the ballot box.

Deliver the Message

No matter how finely tuned the message, if it doesn’t reach the right voters, we haven’t finished our job. The Wickers Group is a full-service media planning and placement agency with the expertise to deliver those messages across all mediums. Utilizing the most sophisticated and up-to-date planning, research and buying tools, we craft individualized, highly targeted and strategic television, radio, print, outdoor, and digital media buys for our clients.

In addition to major political candidates, The Wickers Group has extensive experience placing media for statewide and local ballot initiatives and referenda. We also place media for political parties, political action committees and issue advocacy organizations throughout the United States and overseas..

Digital Advertising & Social Media

The Wickers Group provides comprehensive digital advertising services – going well beyond design and construction of a highly interactive and informative web site to reach increasingly connected and mobile voters across all social platforms. Our priority for every campaign is to develop the winning message, firmly establish the brand, and execute. The Wickers Group’s digital services include web site design, online fundraising, branding, social media applications, and online creative production and placement.

Taking Aim

You can rely on The Wickers Group’s decades of national and international experience conducting polling and focus groups to deliver both dependable and actionable research results that will allow your campaign to move forward with confidence. Our customized in-house analysis and reports give you the tools you need to make informed decisions about campaign strategy and direct your resources by designing and delivering effective messages for key target groups. Utilizing specialized software we produce detailed reports, showing geographic and demographic breakdowns of all questions. We also provide comprehensive executive summaries and presentations of survey results, including detailed analysis of key components of your ideal messages, and detailed recommendations for future message development and implementation.

The Wickers Group’s focus groups utilize the Perception Analyzer system, which gathers and records key information, a powerful tool that can be used to analyze participant data both during and after the groups are completed. Our extensive experience in focus group participant selection and moderation, allows us to gather qualitative information that proves invaluable in crafting and refining the message of any campaign.

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Making a Difference

Mitt Romney for President 2012
Mike Huckabee for President 2008
Governor Robert Bentley, Alabama
Congressman French Hill, Arkansas
Freedom Foundation

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Texas
Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma
Governor Mike Johanns, Nebraska
President Boris Yeltsin 1996, Russia
Judicial Crisis Network

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