The Wickers Group is a full-service political consulting firm specializing in strategic communication, survey and focus group research, and media production and placement. Our clients include presidential and statewide candidates, initiatives and referenda, as well as non-profit, corporate and trade organizations.

The firm represents decades of experience in the political arena on behalf of hundreds of clients. In addition to presidential candidates, governors, US Senators, and Congressional candidates, The Wickers Group has provided general consulting services to presidential candidates and major political parties in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central America, and South America.

The Wickers Group is headquartered in San Francisco, California and maintains an office in Austin, Texas.

Bob Wickers

President & CEO

Bob Wickers is a veteran strategist, media consultant and pollster who has worked at the highest levels in U.S. presidential, gubernatorial, and senate campaigns.

In 2012 he served as senior advisor and media consultant to Mitt Romney’s primary and general election campaigns for president. Four years earlier he served as strategist, media consultant and pollster for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign and was widely recognized for creating some of the most innovative adverting that helped Governor Huckabee win the Iowa Caucus and seven other states. A Wall Street Journal headline at the time called Bob Wickers “The Spirit Behind Huckabee’s Advertising Approach.”

Bob’s current and past clients include Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Congressman French Hill, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, former Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns and former U.S. Senators Norm Coleman (MN) and Jim Jeffords (VT). Mr. Wickers was also part of the American team that guided Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s successful 1996 re-election campaign and has served as a senior advisor to national parliamentary campaigns in Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. He began his career thirty years ago on the staff of former U.S. Senator Pete Wilson (R-CA) and as a consultant to the California Senate Republican Caucus.

Bob Wickers lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children, and can often be found competing in off-road motorcycle races in the desert of Southern California.

Carolyn Barber

Carolyn Barber is one of the top political media directors in America. She has over fifteen years of political media planning and placement experience overseeing the television, radio, print outdoor and digital advertising campaigns for hundreds of major statewide candidate campaigns, ballot initiatives, and independent expenditures across the United States.

In addition to her media expertise, Carolyn has extensive experience managing polling and focus group projects, and she has served as an onsite campaign consultant in the national elections of Bulgaria and Romania, and select elections here in the US. A graduate of Duke University, Carolyn works from TWG’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Fanny Cheong

A key member of the team since 2003, Fanny keeps everything running smoothly in The Wickers Group’s accounting department. Her strong background in financial management, sales analysis and budgeting, and various administrative duties make her an integral part of our team. Fanny holds a B.A. in accounting from California State University-Hayward, and lives in the east bay with her husband and two daughters.

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Bob Wickers

Carolyn Barber

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